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Completing the Lowell Experience

Supporting Lowell's more than 150 student-led clubs and organizations

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You can think of our 2023-24 Annual Fund Campaign as the World’s Largest Virtual Bake Sale, given our goal of supplementing the ongoing fundraising efforts of dozens of student-led clubs and organizations at Lowell.

For well over 50 years, these groups have played a vital role in extracurricular life at Lowell and given students a chance to share and develop interests in serious topics like recycling and human rights to an ever-changing variety of more ephemeral pop culture subjects.

Alums from the 1970s may recall the Star Trek Club (established in 1976) while those from the ‘80s founded the Atari Club (created to “teach the fundamentals of using an Atari and how to play games on it”), a forerunner of 2003’s Warcraft 3 Club.

The 1990s saw the creation of both the Recycling Club as well as the Sailor Moon Club. And the new century ushered in the Physics of Breaking Club (formed in 2009 as a “friendly informative forum for aspiring breakdancers”) as well as the ‘80s Revival Club to “educate people about ‘80s culture.”

Your support for this year’s Annual Fund Campaign will benefit this important aspect of student life at Lowell that truly complements and completes the Lowell experience.

Thanks for your generous participation in this year’s campaign!